Welcome to Meipel

We design and create beautifully simple homewares, inspired by nature and the Nordic way of life. A life where it is ok to enjoy the simple things, where design and functionality are valued and where nature is never far away. We incorporate this nature into every object we make by allowing our minimalist approach to put forth the natural beauty of the materials we use.

It all started with a passion for travel and sailing that led us to live on a sailboat for a while. The few things that made it onboard were meaningful and versatile. This lifestyle made us appreciate fewer but well designed objects and the freedom that living with less provides. We've always enjoyed the outdoors, and living so close to nature opened our eyes to the importance of preserving what we have.

Off the boat, we came back to a more natural and simple way of living; one that prioritizes sustainability without taking away from comfort. We are long time admirers of the timelessness and simplicity of Scandinavian design and we are always striving to integrate these principles into our work.

Meipel, pronounced "maple" just like the tree, represents the respect we have for the trees from which our boards and decor objects are made. We strive to honor them by crafting the best homeware possible. These objects that will find a special place in your home for years to come and that will carry the simple beauty of nature everywhere you use them.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope our products will be with you for a long time.

Caroline + Michel